Do you have audio/video or other low voltage needs in your residential or commercial space? You've come to the right spot, here's a look at some of the services we offer.

Distributed Audio


People always want to know the easiest way to play music in multiple rooms. We have distributed audio down to a science. Whether you want basic background music for your restaurant or the ability to pipe your personal music library through your home we can make it happen. Web services? No problem- we have the means to stream just about anything from broadcast radio to full lossless, cd quality, albums.

TV Areas

Whether it's a Break Room at the office or your FamilyRoom, you want to watch TV! You need a few basic things to help you on your journey. Universal remote, great picture, great sound, and a system design that's no more complicated than it needs to be. We have it, and we want you to have it too!

Dedicated  Theaters & Screening Rooms

Ah, the venerable Theater... your very own cinema! Going to the theater is a special experience because everything is BIG- most notably the sound and picture. One thing that will always be special about a large commercial cinemas is having to use your peripheral vision to see all of the screen. There are other technical aspects, most of which you'll never see, and that's the whole point- proper acoustic design is a battle worthy of fighting and we're educated and skilled enough to put it all together. 

Lighting Systems   


We LOVE what we do because we help our clients make an emotional connection to their spaces through music and making their surroundings comfortable. One major facet to this equation is lighting. We install Lutron lighting systems that make it possible to control the natural and artificial lighting in an entire room with the press of a single button. We are experts in lighting technology and we know how to make these systems work simply, easily, and beautifully. 

Shading Solutions

Window treatments are another form of lighting control. Instead of controlling artificial light from light fixtures, we can control the amount of natural light with shading products. We offer a full line of automated window treatments; roller shades, venetian blinds, roman shades, and drapes- just to name a few. These products aren't just stylish- if properly implemented they work hard to keep heat energy in or out of your space. There's almost no window we can't show a little love to.

Board Rooms & Conference Rooms


The modern business is reliant on technology. Being able to display content from your computer or mobile device onto a screen for all to see is a big deal, and we can put the power in your hands. We can also build features like conference calling and video conferencing right into the room. This is a very clean and effective way for an entire group of people to participate   in collaboration sessions.    

Integration and Automation


We offer high tech solutions that allow you to monitor and control your home from a single interface, whether at home or away. The same solution allows you to use the touch panel in your Board Room to initiate a conference call or begin a presentation. There's almost nothing you can't control with our help.

Cell Signal Boosters

Most of us are surgically attached to our mobile devices. We use them for everything, they are at our side 24/7. Nothing is more frustrating than having a weak cell signal, poor data rates, dropped phone calls, etc... We have the solution! We can install a cell booster system that is scalable to improve any area, from hundreds of square feet to hundreds of thousands. We also have the training, experience, and test equipment to properly engineer and install these systems. 

Surveillance Systems

You have a need to protect your assets, limit your liability, or just keep an eye on things while you're away. High Definition Cameras placed in effective locations, coupled with a recorder that you can gain access to from off-property are the solution. Camera systems are becoming more affordable and better in quality every day. Call us about the latest offerings.